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Stone Tablet - we design smart websites
Stone Tablet - we design smart websites
Business Concept

We live in the communication age. An age dominated by the exchange of information and cutting edge technologies.

Millions of potential users worldwide use various media devices to search the Internet for practically anything: banking, booking, communicating, cooking, gaming, learning, reading, shopping and many more. Websites have long been at the heart of this information-sharing revolution.

We work closely with you to identify your business visions and goals. Then we use our experience in web technologies to achieve those objectives in the most cost-effective ways.

We will make sure to provide your business with the following:
  • Robust technical solutions based on the latest web technologies.
  • Smart ways to connect with your target audience and meet their expectations.  
Cookniche.com, linking the culinary world.
Our latest web app released November 2015.
Cookniche, linking the culinary world.

Work Process
Our work process goes through the following steps:

Preliminary Study
We’ll work with you closely to do a preliminary study about your business. This process usually involves information gathering and background research. It is a crucial step in the process of web development as it gives us a clear idea about the following:
  • Your vision & objectives
  • Target audience
  •  Information structure
  •  Graphics profile
Then, we will analyze the above-mentioned criteria to find the most effective concept, and to present a design proposal.

Concept & design proposal
Clients have different visions regarding their websites. Some wish to extend their reach to the Internet as an addition to their existing information model; others want a complete progression far beyond their traditional approach.

No matter what your expectations are, our concern is to find the most effective concept model, and to present a design proposal so that your website will achieve the following:
  • Work best for you
  • serve your vision and objectives
  • meet the expectations of your target audience

Once you are satisfied with the concept we start developing your website technically. We use the best known tools, platforms and frameworks available for web technology to achieve the following best results:
  • An optimal viewing with easy reading and navigation experience across a wide range of media devices (from smart phones and mobile pads to desktop and laptop computer monitors).
  • The first impression will stimulate and sustain visitors’ interests and attract new visitors.
  • The content is expressive, quick to download and above all easily accessible.
  • The website navigational menu is easy to use.

When we are done with the development phase, we’ll test your website and make adjustments until the above-mentioned results are best achieved.

Publishing & feedback
When all parties involved are satisfied with the result, the website will be opened to the public. Visitors' comments can then be the basis for further adjustments until results are best achieved.
We design smart websites
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